Porcelain Slab

Large porcelain slabs first popularized in Europe, are a design concept that have quickly become a new trend.  If you are looking for not only something that is beautiful, but durable, at a cost that one can realize for it impression and practicality, these miraculous slabs of Porcelain are for you!  

This material can be custom ordered to the size you want, unlike many other stones. The most remarkable quality about the porcelain slab is the how thin it is, measuring 6-12mm. Ideal for so many applications. Once Marble being the coveted material of choice, porcelain slabs that resemble marble are much more versatile; expanding to embrace walls, backsplashes, patios, fireplaces, and tubs, places marble could never reach. 


Large porcelain slabs are usually installed on top of a stratum, such as a thick foam backing or even cement board. This type of application provides a barrier between the porcelain and the support, which usually can be plywood for cabinets and natural stone for solid walls and other surfaces.


Porcelain slabs can even be placed directly on top of existing natural stone. Since the porcelain is so thin and so lightweight, it can be installed in many different ways and areas, including vertical and horizontal surfaces. 

Porcelain slabs offer minimal maintenance, outstanding beauty, versatility and durability