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Layout For Your Kitchen

One of the most important places to consider when planning the renovation of a home will be the design and layout of the Kitchen.

First and foremost, will be the size of the space itself. Many remodels consist of replacing the existing cabinets and countertops while keeping the appliances and plumbing locations in tact. This will usually include replacing the backsplash, the sink and faucet, the lighting, the wall color and, often, the flooring. Though it is the most cost-effective approach to remodeling, the budget will depend mainly on the areas that will be updated and the quality of the materials and finishes selected.

A more customized approach to renovating the kitchen takes into consideration the option of moving existing appliances and plumbing to new locations. This is done for a variety of reasons which may include the following:

  1. Provide a better flow for food preparation, food storage and cooking.
  2.  Provide an opportunity to use appliances that may have different sizes and functions than the original ones.
  3. Expand the original space by removing walls, raised countertops or other limiting architectural features that update and improve the design of the home.
  4. Unique designs tailored specifically for the homeowner. This is a potentially unlimited category – some designs examples are: Juice bars with drawer refrigerators to store fresh produce for the smoothie maker in the family; Pasta stations where the water heats in its own sink; Animal lovers have their pet’s food located conveniently above the food bowls in specially design cabinets; beverage areas that keep a thirsty household separate from the cooking areas….

The customized layout requires a more thought-out plan and, generally, a larger budget. With so many factors to consider, it is no wonder that people to turn to experts to help point the way. Whether you desire a unique feature in your kitchen remodel or want to update the style of your home, we encourage you to visit our beautiful showroom and get inspired!

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