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2021 Luxury Kitchens

Luxury Kitchens are the latest trend in home renovation projects.

People are looking for a new type of luxury that speaks of spaces that have a clean uncluttered look. We invite the kitchen to be part of our homes, no longer separated by walls or raised countertops. We now want more simplicity in the design so that it is warm, inviting and designed to function.

Whether we are cooking, gathering with family or entertaining guests, the island has become the social center of our homes.   The island pictured in this design is the grand statement of the kitchen. Long, wide and luxurious, the countertop size means that many tasks can happen at once.  We might be prepping a meal, using a laptop and serving hors d’oeuvres – all at the same time, and this island will still have room for more.  

A wonderful way to showcase the beauty of natural stone or quartz is to use a waterfall edge. Pictured here, you will see the perfectly seamed detail that gives a flawless continuation to the inherent linear pattern of this natural quartzite as it changes from a horizontal surface to a dramatic vertical drop. 

Another designer trend that really brings life to this project is the use of contrast colors for the shaker style cabinets.  The drama of the darker color on the base cabinets and built-in hood help to anchor the space while the lighter upper cabinets give a feeling that is open and bright.  

Although we consider this look to have a neutral color tone, it is anything but basic. Textural interest is achieved by adding a small-scale pattern with a light color for the backsplash. Oversized chandeliers in natural materials highlight the expansive top and echo the accent color of the hood unifying the look of this design.  

Luxury is something we enjoy when a space makes us feel elevated and we notice that what we are experiencing is special.  We would love to help you feel that way in your home by customizing your renovation with our expert design and talented craftsmen. 

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